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RHO JobScheduler (aka RHOJS)

JobScheduler provides a very simple, but extremely effective mechanism for scheduling batch jobs. The user tasked with designing a job network has only a few simple commands to learn and in fact spends most of his or her time concentrating on the requirements, rather than the product.

A typical job network starts with a single job. This may be a real job, or just a dummy (IEFBR14) to form a starting point. This job then POSTS one or more other jobs, which are said to WAIT on their predecessor. When the first job runs, so long as it is successful, then the subordinate jobs are launched. They in turn can have subordinate jobs, and so on, until the network is completed. It is even possible to define multiple networks (say, for independent applications) and start them conditionally under a master network.

Once a network has started, the user can monitor its progress using an ISPF Panel interface. The user can intervene at any point, manually stopping or starting individual jobs (or sub-networks).

JobScheduler allows a site to create very small jobs, usually with only one major program being executed. When an application failure occurs, there is no awkward job restart to contend with. All that needs to happen is that the failed node is manually restarted. This not only makes production recovery easier, but less error prone. At 4am, that can be a lifesaver!

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