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RHO Products - the home of RHO FilePlus and RHO JobScheduler

RHO Products provides low-cost software for IBM Mainframe computers.
We present two utilities, for MVS or OS/390 and equivalent systems...

RHO FilePlus

RHO FilePlus is a file handling utility invoked in a TSO/ISPF environment. It allows the user to interrogate files using simple or complex boolean expressions. Use this utility to display or print file details, to copy specific records, to compare files and to copy PDS members. It can even be used to reformat files. Click the button on the left to learn more.

RHO JobScheduler

RHO JobScheduler is a budget job submission utility. It allows users to create and manage networks of jobs, so that once a network is started, the jobs are submitted according to a pre-defined order, depending on the success or failure of previous jobs. The network is monitored using an ISPF interface. Click the button on the left to learn more.