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Low-cost utilities for MVS and equivalent systems.

RHO FilePlus

This utility truly is a Swiss Army Knife in the TSO environment. It combines the functions of many standard system utilities, presenting them with a common command set and a consistent interface. These are some of the things that RHO FilePlus can do...

  • COMPARE whole files, selected members of PDSs or specific records of either.
  • COPY one file to another, or one PDS member to a flat file or PDS.
  • PRINT selected records, either to screen or SYSOUT.
  • SORT files or the content of a PDS member.
  • UPDATE VSAM files or PDS members.

These are not just basic functions. Each can be combined with a set of operands that make the product simple yet incredibly powerful.
Some of the features are...

  • The ability to specify searches using complex boolean expressions. Conditions can even be named and stored for later use.
  • Allowing the user to name fields and refer to them by name, rather than position and length.
  • The ability to modify data, both conditionally and unconditionally. This is done during COPY, SORT and UPDATE processes.
  • Provision for reformatting data. Records can be rearranged and data types converted, say to convert binary data to display.
  • The displayed or printed output can be shown in a number of formats, including a special mode called MIXED, where FilePlus determines whether to display hex or normal characters according to their value and that of surrounding data.

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