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RHO Products - the home of RHO FilePlus and RHO JobScheduler

Low-cost utilities for MVS and equivalent systems

A potted history of RHO

RHO FilePlus and RHO JobScheduler were created by RHO Systems Pty Ltd, Australia's premier Mainframe Conversion and then Y2K remediation company during the 1980s and 90s. RHO Systems was acquired and its Intellectual Property transferred in a number of subsequent mergers and acquisitions over the ensuing years. For those clients who have used our software for most of that time, the following names would all be familiar...

  • IMRglobal
  • CGI Australia
  • ISM Consulting Asia Pacific, and, penultimately
  • Hyro Limited

RHO Products was formed in 2006 to maintain continuity of maintenance and support for the RHO suite of products. It is a freestanding business entity and has no financial relationship with any of the preceding companies.